Wednesday, May 20, 2015

When? How?

When did I stop blogging? (Oh...well, that would have been last August.)
When do I begin again? (Hm-kay...I'm trying to now.)

How do I get started when it's been such a crazy long time since I last posted?
How do I "cover" the last um....9 months???

No, I did not have a baby! ;-)
The 9-month timing is a coincidence.

But we did go through a major life change. We bought a new home. And moved. After 17 years at the same address!
This was a biggie for us. I loved our previous is a great house in a neighborhood we love, with wonderful neighbors and a convenient location.

We did not want to relocate. But we needed something different in a home. So...we searched around and until we found what we were looking for. We ended up buying a home on the other side of the same neighborhood. It's exactly what we needed! *Happy sigh!*

I can't pretend that moving was easy. It was an ordeal. We got thorough it; enough about that. I'm sure I'll write more about it later.

There have been other things on my schedule as well...I might eventually get to some of them. For now, I have a tile to post for this week's Diva Challenge, # 218: White on Black on Found. And I am a bit flummoxed because I realize that in creating it I unintentionally used the same basic string as the last two tiles I posted! REALLY???!!! Couldn't I have used a different composition?!

Well, I could have. But I didn't. And I want to move forward. So I am sharing it anyway:

hypnotic, a hybrid hybred with some beadlines thrown in,
a hint of tipple, and floo.
Drawn on a black Zentangle(R) tile with a white Signo pen.

Comments are always deeply appreciated.