Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Timeless Mooka

C-Gal did some wonderful work in her 2012 Tangle-a-Day Calendar...but she did not even come close to finishing it, so she did not want for me to order a 2013 calendar for her. Such a practical daughter I have!

(I have to admit, I did not come close to completing my 2012 calendar, either...but that did not stop me from ordering the 2013 version!)

So C-Gal worked on this week's dates in last year's calendar, which explains why March 25th is featured as a Sunday.

I have to say, I am most impressed with what she's done with mooka here!

She used my Faber-Castell Albrecht Dürer watercolour pencils (my favorite water-soluable color!) and my Creative Mark Micro-Mini Brushes--a fabulous brush set for Zentangle artists. (I treated myself to a set when it was on sale for $19.95...and have been sooooo happy to have this group of brushes in my art supply inventory.)

Leave C-Gal a comment below...I know she'd love some feedback!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Mooka Monday

Woke up this morning to find the Diva's newest challenge to be perfect for today's entry in my Tangle-a-Day calendar! And perfect for tangling some more of the coffee-stained rim tags I found on etsy. Click here for the website of the company that makes order came really fast, and I love the tags!)

Mooka is one of my favorites. I never know how it's going to turn out, though. It takes on a life of its own, and it's always (well, usually) fun to see how it turns out.
I am sure I will be mooka-ing more as the week goes by...and since I am on vacation, I should have no trouble finding time to share! 

Speaking of coffee...I want to bring up a little something called the Friendship Cup. You can read more about here...and here and here. Cathy, a blogging, tangling teacher here in TN, sent me the Cup in February, when I was all caught up in Moose and traveling and getting ready to presenting at a national convention...and I had to put it on hold. This Friendship Cup is soooo cool and is something that deserves mindful attention, and at the time that it arrived, my attention was spread in other directions. But now is the time I am able to focus on it, so here is my first mention of it. And your first chance to sign up for me to send it to you!

So...would YOU like it next? Post a comment down below if you wish to be entered in a random drawing to be the next to get the Friendship Cup! Here on vacation I will be gathering some goodies to send with it....

Sadly, I do not have any photos of it here with me right now, so I will be have to post those after we return home. Until then, you can let your imagination run wild as to what it looks like now and what goodies it came to me with, and what goodies I might send away with it...and, you can sign up for a chance to be the next recipient! Fun times!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Tri-Neon Noir

For the Diva's Challenge #110/"Get rid of the box," C-gal (my 14-year-old) decided to
a) tangle an ATC for the first time. (This was not her first ATC, but her first tangled ATC. She participated in her first ATC swap at the sweet young age of 4 or 5...but that's another story for another blog entry.)
b) use only tangles that featured triangles
c) layer color onto a white-on-black design.

She had fun "tri"ing those three things. Unfortunately, I do not have access to my scanner, so a photo taken with my iPad mini has to suffice. I don't like how it's not properly squared up, but it's the best of the different photos I took.

How fun it's been to sit together at a table for a few hours today and tangle and talk. It wasn't so fun when I spilled my Zen tea all over the table filled with art supplies...but that's all cleaned up now and we've moved on!

She's almost done with a second entry for this challenge...I might be adding it to this post in just a little while, so check back!

groovy, jilli, planateen, pea-nuckle, basket weave, sugarcaneunyun, snood,
escalator,  tagh, angelfishverve, paushalöv,  zinger, bugles, and one other...
I am still trying to figure out the name of the one on the lower right. Caroline
modified it, but I am not sure which tangle it started as.

...And here it is: C-Gal's 2nd entry for the "Get rid of the box" challenge. Caroline used only tangles she had never used before, and had fun researching unfamiliar ones on

Pause, please!

Whew! Winter ended and spring began in a blur. I have been home, out-of-state, back in town, husband out-of-state; once he was back, I flew out-of-state, back home, and now am out-of-state again. All since my last post. The school year is flying by: we are in the final nine-weeks grading period already!

But I am trying not to think about work/school this week.  I'd like to slow down. Right here, right now would be just fine. Where's the "pause" button?

It is Spring Break; I am on vacation with my family. Ahhhhhhh! We are on a coastal island, but temps are predicted to be in the 50s this week. Not exactly beach weather. So I will shop! I will read! I will dine! I will blog! And most importantly...I will tangle!!!!! I brought an ample bin of art supplies which I look forward to using. And I could not be happier! This kind of opportunity does not come along very often.
crescent moon, hollibaugh, static, bales, sez, munchin,
ennies, betweed,
and patena

The first thing I wanted to do today, after our delicious brunch at a pancake emporium, was to start up my Tangle-a-Day calendar habit. My poor calendar is practically blank. So I did that first, having fun with Terri Brown's fun new tangle snugz. Then I did a quick coffee-stained rim tag (small), using auraknot, at Caroline's suggestion. Then it was time to pull out the latest Diva challenge, which I had begun on a Zendala tile. Her challenge #110 was entitled "Get rid of the box" and we were supposed to do something that was a bit of a stretch for us. I chose to do a pre-strung Zendala tile, as I had never done one before. As much as I love the Zendalas I see others doing, I have dragged my feet in trying them myself.  So here's how that turned out.

(My only other Zendala piece was on a blank Zendala tile almost a year ago, for the Earth/Amanda Day challenge. Click here to see that Zendala and blog entry; I was rather proud of the title I came up with for that one!)

So now I go quickly to post this link to the Challenge; maybe it will find its way into the slideshow, even though it is a day late. Then I will post C-gal's. She chose to tangle an ATC. One of the reasons I am so excited about Spring Break is not only do I have time to tangle; C-gal has time to tangle with me. YAY! What a rare treat these days!

I hope your week is as enjoyable as I plan for mine to be. Comments are always appreciated, if you choose to leave one!