Sunday, March 24, 2013

Tri-Neon Noir

For the Diva's Challenge #110/"Get rid of the box," C-gal (my 14-year-old) decided to
a) tangle an ATC for the first time. (This was not her first ATC, but her first tangled ATC. She participated in her first ATC swap at the sweet young age of 4 or 5...but that's another story for another blog entry.)
b) use only tangles that featured triangles
c) layer color onto a white-on-black design.

She had fun "tri"ing those three things. Unfortunately, I do not have access to my scanner, so a photo taken with my iPad mini has to suffice. I don't like how it's not properly squared up, but it's the best of the different photos I took.

How fun it's been to sit together at a table for a few hours today and tangle and talk. It wasn't so fun when I spilled my Zen tea all over the table filled with art supplies...but that's all cleaned up now and we've moved on!

She's almost done with a second entry for this challenge...I might be adding it to this post in just a little while, so check back!

groovy, jilli, planateen, pea-nuckle, basket weave, sugarcaneunyun, snood,
escalator,  tagh, angelfishverve, paushalöv,  zinger, bugles, and one other...
I am still trying to figure out the name of the one on the lower right. Caroline
modified it, but I am not sure which tangle it started as.

...And here it is: C-Gal's 2nd entry for the "Get rid of the box" challenge. Caroline used only tangles she had never used before, and had fun researching unfamiliar ones on

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