Saturday, October 29, 2011

Diving In...

Come on in, the blogosphere is fine!
I've been wanting to test these waters for a long time, to see if I can keep up a blog to share my Zentangle-inspired art and thoughts and endeavors. This month it's been a full year since I became a Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT), and while I hesitate to take on something new, something that requires continuous effort--like a blog--during this busy time in my life, I've got to start sometime, don't I? Well, technically, I don't...but I want to!

Today I completed a Diva Challenge tile in time to submit it...a rare and auspicious occasion! Most tangle artists submit their designs by linking to their blog or website, so here goes! Wish me well as I join the Zentangle blogging community! do I post a photo???
Oh. That's how!

So, this is my response to The Diva's Weekly Zentangle Challenge # 45:  Punzel. Connect to the Diva's blog here. Or use the button below:

iamthedivacztI'd love it if any experienced bloggers could tell me how to add this button to my sidebar! Can I add it as a gadget? Been trying to figure it out for about 15 minutes...too long! Gotta move on! For now, putting it in my post will have to do. [Eden took care of teaching  me how to do this--thank you Eden!]

This week's challenge is inspired by the the new official Tangle by that name...find out more here. It's a tricky-fun tangle! I like it, though I've not completely mastered it yet.

In addition to Punzel , there's Mooka, Tipple, a tangleation of Fescu, and an unidentifiable development that reminds me of an onion. My pen just kept moving, making marks and filling in 'til it had nothing left to add, and then I employed my pencil for some limited shading.

There. Time to publish! And maybe let a few of my Zentangle friends know. If you find your way here to my blog, please leave me some feedback. If you like what you read and see, please pass a link on to others!