Sunday, May 6, 2012

Two Tangles & Two Scout Events

This week's Diva Challenge (#68), a Duo Tangle challenge, had us utilizing two-- and only two--tangles: Hibred and Strircles.
I don't think I've ever utilized either of these tangles, so I had to step out of my comfort zone on this one. So here it is:
Hibred and Strircles
I goofed up so many times on Strircles...I just had to keep improvising variations as I went along. I had fun, though.

Once again I finished my tile and am posting and the very end of the week...maybe next week I can be a little less last minute! I did start this one much earlier in the week, though: either Monday or Wednesday afternoon. I began it while waiting in my van in the parking lot in the afternoon heat...not typically what one does for "fun," but I actually did not mind the wait at all since I had my Zentangle Kit with me and the weekly challenge on my mind! But alas, my parking lot wait time was not enough to finish, and I had to hunker down and complete it late Saturday night.

So that covers the two tangles.

Erin in the Center, her mom Jackie on the left,
and yours truly on the right.
Now for the two Scout events! I'll tell you in chronological order. A week ago Friday I had the wonderful opportunity to help a Girl Scout Troop earn their art badge. One of my former students, Erin, was coordinating this badge, and she contacted me earlier this spring to see if I could come to a meeting and provide an art experience. I was thrilled to say yes! I planned a more traditional drawing activity for the troop, but also offered Zentangle as an option. Guess which one she chose?!

18 Scouts attended the meeting, and a few Moms were there, too. Caroline was there to assist me (Thank you , Caroline!)  We had a fantastic time. I was so happy to see several of my former students (who attended the elementary school where I teach, but have moved on up to middle school), as well as several girls from Caroline's school. I brought in all my Zentangle books and lots of tiles to display, and some posters...and my computer so I could show them all the online resources that are available...but the majority of our time was spent hands-on, creating their first Zentangle tile.

Troop Mosaic

The second Scout event was with the Boy Scouts. My son and husband are at the Spring Camporee this weekend, and Caroline and I drove to the campground this evening to see my son Joseph get surprised with an honor: he was selected by his troop to be a member of the Order of the Arrow. The OA is like the honor society of Boy Scouts, so you can just imagine how proud I am of him! I don't think I've talked about Joseph in his blog before, as it's a Zentangle-focused blog, and he doesn't tangle (yet!), but since I was talking about Scouts, I just had to share the news. Proud mama moment!


  1. Amy, your challenge tile looks great. Congrats to Son on his outstanding achievement.

  2. Love your tile and the shading in the "elbow" of your Hibrids! What a great idea to teach kids Zentangling! I bet they had lots of fun!

  3. Thanks, Lisa! I love teaching kids how to tangle. The Scout class was especially great for me because I got to use real Zentangle tiles and Micron pens...when I teach at school I use alternate materials that I can get easily and economically: posterboard (I cut it down to cut to 4.5 x 4.5" squares), Flair fine tip markers, and Ebony pencils.

    It was also nice teaching a smaller group, and a little older than my elementary students. The Scouts were in the 6th-8th grade range.

    I go the "shading in the elbow" idea from Betweed, which has a similar look to Hibred.

  4. fun variations - great to keep looking at.