Sunday, January 20, 2013

C-Gal's ZIA

Auraknot, pre-Bunzo
C-Gal doesn't usually take on the Diva's challenges, but she was inspired by this one, and has been enjoying the luxury of a long weekend (made extra-long by the snow day we had Friday--a rare event for us!). She tends to work on ZIAs more than tradition Zentangle tiles, so it was no surprise when she started working in color in her sketchbook. Starting with Auraknot, she "bunzo-ed" around the tips and created this glorious design that dances right off the top of her sketchbook page!

I especially love how her bunzo stripes bounce back and forth in a continuous path...something I didn't even realize 'til I had scanned the image and placed it in this post!

She hasn't decided if she is going to shade it yet...but if she does, I'll post it again.

I love my daughter's tangle designs! I have more of her art to share with you, so stay tuned!