Sunday, February 10, 2013

Moose's Latest Photo Shoot

The most recent photos of Moose are here…there are a few areas that we have gesso-ed over to “re-do”, i.e. on the front legs—Caroline is determined that her “punzel” be “just so.”

On Moose’s belly we have decoupaged the encyclopedia entry for “Moose” from a set of old encyclopedias (copyright 1925!) that I rescued when my parents were going to discard them. It was such a short entry with no photos or illustrations, it practically asked us to apply it right there.
That's it for now! The highest bidder will get to choose whether or not Moose gets a sealed with a glossy finish or a matte one!
Bid quick!!! Here's the link....the aution ends at noon!


  1. amy - moose is looking incredible! you did a wonderful job :)

    my source of Dylusions Ink Sprays is Barb is the lady in the videos showing how to use the product. it's the only site i've purchased from. get on her mailing list. she sends out emails a couple times a week and she always includes a code for a 10-15% discount. sometimes more.
    have fun playing!

    1. Thank you, Alice; I've got to check it out. Your work with Dylusions is gorgeous!

  2. That dog is gorgeous! I love it. I wanted you to know that I put your name on my site for the Liebster award. You can read about it on my blog.

  3. He's absolutely gorgeous, Amy. I would be thrilled to have a piece like this. I hope he brings lots in the auction, to contribute to the cause. Great job!

    Oh, a question for you, that I've asked and asked and never received an answer from anyone. You mentioned Gesso. Can you use normal Micron Pigma pens on Gesso? If not, what do you use? If so, is it a certain type of Gesso, or will any Gesso do? I would be so grateful for an answer to this, as I have some cardboard cutouts I'd like to work on, but don't like the natural colour for a background. I'm going to join your followers. Love your blog!

  4. Beth, I am sorry it has taken me so long to respond. I have been swamped and a bit out of touch, but I want to address your question the best I can based on my experience.

    I am not certain that a Micron would be the best choice on gesso. It CAN be used...but I am afraid the gesso might "clog" the delicate tip of the Micron pens. I found that happening with the small end of my Identipen as well as my Microperms, which are like Microns with a different ink. Microperms have the same ink as the Identipen, an ink that works well on nonporous surfaces, and sinks onto porous surfaces more than the Pigma ink of the Microns.

    I chose to use the Identipen and Microperms because I thought the ink would be less likely to bleed when I sealed Moose. I did some tests and liked how the ink of the Identipen performed, and I knew the ink of the Mircoperms would perform the same. I did not like how my Microperms seemed to dry up waaaaay to quickly when I tangled on the gesso. I don't know if this is because the gesso soaked up more ink or if it's because the chalkiness of the gesso clogged the tip...or maybe it's a comnbination of both. I had the same problem with the thin tip of my Identipen...but the thick tip kept working GREAT. :-)

    Perhaps if I had pre-sealed the gesso before I tangled on it, my delicate pens would have pasted longer.

    The gesso I use is by Liquitex. I like this gesso a lot, and have never used any other, though I would also be willing to try any product by Golden, as they manufacture very high quality acrylic paints. I have a colleague who used to use Jerry's brand gesso (from Jerry's Artarama) was more affordable, but it was pretty stinky; the smell really bothered me.

    Thank you for the compliments regarding Moose and my blog! I really appreciate your feedback, and again, I am so sorry that it took me so long to respond.