Monday, August 18, 2014

Twing Fling

Here's one of my latest tiles. It is inspired not just by Diva Challenge #180, "UMT - MacDee by Anneke Van Dam" but also by one of my favorite Zentangle groups on Facebook: Square One: Purely Zentangle. This new group, established by two CZTs, is devoted to the original format brought to us by Zentangle®: the 3.5-inch square tile, tangled with black ink and shaded with a graphite pencil. 

cadent, twing, and MacDee
I deeply appreciate the vision of founders Chris Titus and Jenny Perruzzi for having the vision to establish Square One: Purely Zentangle. I love seeing all of the innovative compositions all done with the very basics. I look forward to the weekly focus on one particular tangle. The current tangle focus is verdigogh, so I'll be working that into a tile soon.

I encourage you to check out Square One: Purely Zentangle and join in. It's a great way to connect with other tanglers and strengthen your Zentangle practice.

Happy Tangling! Leave me a comment if you wish to let me know what you think!


  1. really cool! i'm looking for the steps to twing online but have not been able to find them yet. google search engine actually brought me to your post :)

  2. This is very pretty indeed. I don't 'do' Facebook, so I can't join this new group. The idea is something I really like, back to basic Zentangle.