Sunday, January 31, 2016

Now or never?! Now.

Hello and Happy New Year! Time to start this blog up again! It's still January for a tiny bit longer (well, maybe 15 minutes!) so I am going to consider it still appropriate to wish you a very happy, healthy, creative, and prosperous new year full of laughter, friendship, comfort, peace, joy, love, fun, meaning, and beauty...and anything else you might want to squeeze into/out of 2016.

I hope you had a wonderful holiday season. I did. In November we celebrated our first full year in our new home. What a difference it makes to be living in a place that fits us so well! It still feels "new" to us, though we are quite settled in now. In November we also celebrated the sale of our previous home. Woo-hoo! Much of my attention in 2015 was spent getting the old house ready to put on the market, as we wanted to make it the best home we could for potential buyers. New paint, new carpet, a renovated master bath . . . and then there was the attic that we needed to empty. The more we did, the more work we found to do. We finally listed it in late July, but even after that we continued our efforts. This is why I only made time for one blog post in 2015. So much of my time and energy were spent managing the old house, settling into the new one, and entertaining a lot more than we ever did before! To add to that, my eldest is in her final year of high school. Need I say more?

2016 is off to a grand start. I am so excited to have several things lined up already in the Zentangle realm! I will be revealing more over time, but my big announcement for this blog post is that I will be teaching 4 classes at Stamp Escape in Pigeon Forge in April! Two of the classes will be Zentangle Foundations, which is the class that covers the basics; "Zentangle 101" as some teachers refer to it. The other two are longer and more advanced. In one class, we will create ZIA Knots, and in the other we will explore using stamp and scrapbook supplies to enhance Zentangle-inspired art. Click here to learn more about Stamp Escape, and to see my classes, click here.

In the meanwhile, here is a recent shot of some Bijou tiles I have been working on for a swap . . . 

There will be more announcements soon! Stay tuned!

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