Sunday, January 29, 2012

Bonus Moebius

I (Amy) completed only one tile for the Diva's Moebius Challenge this week, but I have another design to share with pride--my daughter Caroline's creation. This is her first actual contribution to the Challenge. I am so happy she asked me to post it! Caroline did this today in her Tangle-a-Day calendar (visit to learn more about Carole Ohl's wonderful calendar!), but I cropped out the rest of the calendar page since the other days on this page have not been tangled yet.
Featuring Rick's Paradox, Meer, and a combination of Bales and Knightsbridge.

Caroline is 13; she began tangling in March last year. It's one of our favorite ways to relax together and we frequently seek each other's feedback on our designs. She has designed some great tangle patterns that I look forward to sharing with you in future posts.


  1. Very striking zentangle! I love the bales/Knightsbridge combination.

  2. Welcome Caroline! Your background really makes the ribbon pop!

  3. Dear Caroline, your tangle is so beautiful! well done!! :D

    Laura aka iamthediva

  4. Hi Caroline, Your Zentangle is terrific. I am so glad that you and your mom can tangle together sometimes!
    from Karen in RI

  5. Caroline, very nice tangling! I really like how you put all the pieces together.