Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Purple Passion

The Diva has served up a Purple Haze challenge for us tanglers this week...I encourage you to participate! Why purple? In honor of Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day, which is coming up on January 24th. The Diva's youngest child, a precious baby a little over a year old now, has Moebius Syndrome, a rare neurological disorder. So, you can imagine how important this cause is to her, and--by the associative property--to all of us tanglers who get inspired by her wonderful blog (http://iamthedivaczt.blogspot.com/),  whether we contribute to the challenges or just look at the stunning submissions which Laura (the Diva) turns into lovely slideshows.

Here is my first Purple Haze Challenge tile. I employed Scarabou, Onamato, Sedgling, and Gneiss, and Static.

Though I tangled mostly in traditional black, I added purple with an 05 Micron (with touchups in the solid area assisted by the Pigma Brush pen, same ink as the Microns).

I also used a black Graphic 1 marker (again, same ink as in Microns) to get a bolder line when I began Sacarabou.

This was my first time drawing Scarabou (it's the curvy one that crosses through my tile). It was surprisingly harder than I anticipated, given that I usually use lots of curves and swirls and feel pretty comfortable with them.

I added tiny little dots to my Static on this tile because all the other quadrants featured circles, and Static just didn't seem to fit in. At first I was bummed that I hadn't thought of that before drawing Static...but I found a way to tie it in and make it work.

The purple midtone/shadow was added with  Albrecht Durer Watercolour Pencil, which is a Faber-Castell product. I have numerous colored pencil sets, and this one just seemed to be just right. I have a super-nice set of these--120 colors!--but the winning color is "Purple Violet." Go figure. (To get clinical, it has an ID number, too: 8200-136.)

This week I've improved: I finished this tile on Monday (first day of challenge!) and it only took me 'til Tuesday to post it!

I plan to post another by the end of the week...but I haven't done it yet, so I can't promise. Stay tuned! And plan to wear purple on January 24th!


  1. I love your tile and the use of the purple pencil for shading. Did you wet the pencil or use it dry?

  2. Beautiful tile, I love the tangle that runs diagonally through the middle. What is it called? Is that the Sacarabou?

  3. Lovely, and the Scarabou is really really effective!

  4. Thanks!
    Karen, I did not wet the pencil; I used it just like a traditional colored pencil. To be honest, I did not even realize that it was a watercolor pencil until I checked the tin so I could identify exactly what I used.
    Joni, yes, the one that runs diagonally through the middle is Scarabou.

  5. Beautiful! I particularly like that main tangle going through the middle - oh as I read the other comments I see the name of the pattern. I've not seen it before and it's very cool.

  6. Amy, I love this tile. It's nice how you used the purple sparsely but it still makes a big impact. Plus you used one of my favorite tangles, Gneiss, so I'm bound to love it. Nice work!

  7. Great design and wonderful tangles Amy!

  8. love the combo of patterns - makes for a stunning piece

  9. Thanks, everyone! This is the only entry I made for the Purple Haze Challenge...I was looking forward to doing more, but then Saturday came & went in a flash! I'm looking forward to tomorrow's challenge...I wonder what the Diva has in store for us this week!

  10. Just got a chance to wander through the entries. This is fantastic! Scarabou is stunning. Love your composition!