Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Diamond Dance

So we are up to Weekly Challenge #58: Diamonds. This challenge honors The Four Diamonds Fund at Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital.  The timing coincides with an annual benefit event: Penn State University’s Dance Marathon—aka THON —that has been going on since 1973 and has since raised over $78 million to fund innovative research and help cover medical expenses for children with cancer (so far helping over 2000 families!)
The Diva encourages us to incorporate the logo she provides, and also to use Diamond-esque tangles. Ooh-ooh--I know a diamond-esque tangle! A "grid based tangle of converging lines," as I described it....

As you may (or may not) recall, a few entries ago, I introduced what I thought might be a new tangle that showed up in my non-dominant hand tile from Challenge #56 (click here to see full blog entry). A few readers responded that they had never seen a tangle exactly like it. Here's the funny thing: shortly after I posted my tile for that challenge, I realized that this tangle is actually a quicker, simpler version of a tangle that I formalized last year with step-outs that I submitted to be published in a project that is still in the works. I'm not sure exactly when the tangle first appeared in my work, but it was early on. In fact, it's the tangle I used in the large group ZIA that we made at the CZT training seminar I attended in October 2010. I don't want to give it all away, but the name of that tangle is "Riveting."

I think this version needs its own identity. Yippee! A chance to play with words and letter combos! But oh-my-goodness, sometimes tangle names just come quickly out of the blue, and sometimes you have to labor over them. I labored over this one. I kept trying to come up with a clever combinaton of the words "converge" and diverge" because the lines in each section appear to converge to, or diverge away from, a single point. So the name that I came close to using is "Converdiverge." But that name was too long for such a simple tangle. Hence, I couldn't settle for that name.

Tonight, as I was putting the finishing touches on my ATC, I realized that I had to finalize a name so I could include it in my blog entry for the Diva's challenge. Since this is a simpler version of Riveting, I thought about calling it "Ting!" 

But that sounds kind of sparkly, and not quite right. Although diamonds sparkle...maybe I'm on the right track.

I thought about "'Ging," as in "converGING" and "diverGING," but the letter "G" is too round, and the sound of the "G" is too soft for such an angular tangle.  But "converging" and "diverging" also share the letter "V"...which is nice and angular. VING! 
Caroline approved.

It's interesting...Ving is like a geometric version of Sanibelle, which was our focal tangle last week. I used blue again this week because Penn State's color is blue, and the Diva showed us the diamond logo in blue. I thought I was using a royal blue Micron, but it turned out closer to turquoise than I anticipated. 

I am out of tangle-time for today...but I promise that by the end of this week I will post official step-outs (directions) for Ving. I am not posting Riveting yet...I am waiting to see if the project I submitted it to comes to fruition. 
Questions? Suggestions? Reactions? Write me a comment! I'd love to know your response to my post or my tangle.


  1. I love the monotangle used to set off the diamond. It really is gorgeous. Ving is a good name!

  2. I am LO"VING" Ving!!! The Blue is especially nice.

  3. Love the pretty blue!! Beautiful tile!

  4. Beautiful tile, and love the color! Fantastic tile! :)

  5. Very strong but simple statement in blue. Ving sounds good and angular as you say.

  6. Love the tangle and the color!