Thursday, March 15, 2012

Inscriblio-ed Spiradox

Paradox in a real-life, this ATC-sized
ZIA is very just shows up dark
here in the scan.
The Diva challenged us to combine spirals with Rick's Paradox. Interesting! But no time for obsessing this week.
I decided to explore an alternate surface and alternate tool for tangling, so I tangled an ATC-size sheet of metal using a tool I've had for quite a while--an Inscriblio. It's a nifty little battery-operated engraving tool for crafters and artists. I think I bought mine at a scrapbook store years ago.

Using a buzzing tool that seems to want to take its own path is not exactly a zen-like experience...but I chose not to be too concerned with the outcome and to embrace the many quirks in my engraved lines, it was fun. I started with the spiral, which I drew from the ouside in, and tangled paradox in sections from the inside out.

The scan came out much darker than the piece, which is shiny silver. Maybe a photo could better show its reflective quality. Actually, it's neat to see it this way...I had originally thought I'd try this challenge on one of my black tiles. I have also started a white tile for this challenge, prior to getting my idea to use metal, but haven't gotten around to finishing it yet. I'll post it once it's done. Might be a while, though! Busy times.

My aim was not to create the ultimate ZIA here, but to push myself out of my comfort zone and embrace a new approach to tangling (as well as get a piece submitted for this week's challenge, of course!). There's much room for improvement...but also a lot of potential here. I am intrigued by metal. I can't help but wonder--how would it look if I just tangled on the metal with my IDentipen or Microperm, like I did on the dominoes...?

Happy tangling, everyone!


  1. Hmm very ineresting is this engraving tool like a dremel drill? I tried it on a brass sheet and all I achieved was wiggly tangles :( yours very very good...very steady hand

  2. I admire your creativity in using a metal sheet...I like the white on black!

  3. I really enjoy seeing other materials used. Very fun. I've done some Zentangle engraving on copper but the Inscriblio sounds very interesting.

  4. Amy, good for you for always pushing the boundaries and being creative....great!

  5. YAY--Comments! Thanks!
    Meghna, yes it's like a dremel, but smaller and cheaper, I think. I dremel can probably do more; this tool does not have other tips and accessories like the Dremel line. My first lines are verrrrry wiggly! But I pushes through and got a bit more control as I went. Still not full control, though. I was just too stubborn to stop!

    I wish I could show how it looks in real life--I think it looks better because it catches and bounces the light back. So much more fun than the dark scan! Maybe a short video could do the trick.

  6. Neat idea to zentangle on a sheet of metal! I love the idea!