Saturday, March 10, 2012


Howdy! I'm waving atcha! I haven't been that friendly in the blogosphere lately as I've been caught up in all sorts of things away from the good ol' s&k (screen & keyboard).

I've missed the past few Diva challenges due to travel and the busy-ness of life, so I was determined not to let the deadline pass before I had a submission for this week's challenge. It's "Use My Tangle!!" week! YAY! I love this concept. The Diva hosts this challenge the first Monday of every month, using a random number generator to select a tangle created by one of her readers. This week's tangle comes from Mariët in the Netherlands: Golven (which is the Dutch word for waves). Directions are here and I can tell you that her blog--Studio ML--is fanstastic! She posts in both Dutch and English, and for that I am most appreciative!

So here is my tile. It is simple and not all that exciting, but the process of creating it was enjoyable and relaxing. It's been too long since I took the time to sit and tangle! I chose Bales and Ixorus to complement Golven because, like Golven, they are composed of straight lines and a simple "C" curve. I finished it with a Festune disk in the loop to the side.

I used the rounding technique not only in Golven (as it is part of the directions), but also in Bales...I rather like how that worked out!

Now that I have met this Challenge, I can't wait to see the tiles and ZIAs that everyone else created featuring Mariët 's tangle!


  1. This is a lovely tile. I love the precise look of your bales. Awesome.

  2. Thank you, Cathy. Bales is one of favorite tangles to teach, yet I seldom remember to use it in a non-teaching context. I am pleased with how well the rounding worked in the corners.

  3. Very very nice tile.
    Good composition and fantastic shading!

  4. Nice combo of tangles - well done!