Sunday, June 3, 2012

Zambra! ZIA with Limonescent Crescent Moon

I completed a second tile for the Diva's Challenge Crescent Moon Challenge (#72). YAY!

On vacation this week in beautiful Asheville, NC, we dined at some incredible restaurants. Our first night in town, we enjoyed a fantastic meal of tapas at Zambra! (the exclamation point is part of the restaurant's name). There, I came up with an idea for another tile, and traced the base of my wine glass. Then the tapas started coming, and I put my tangle supplies away in order to enjoy every last bite.

A few nights later, we ate at Limones. Another fine meal! There, I traced the octagonal base of the salt (or pepper) shaker, thus completing my string. And then began one Crescent Moon variation on the outside of the octagonal shape, and another variation on the inside of the octagonal shape.

So, even though this looks very much like a traditional Zentangle tile, it is actually more accurately identified as a ZIA (Zentangle Inspired Art) because I used tools while generating part of it...a true Zentangle tile would be 100% freehand drawn, in my interpretation. But traditional or not, I really enjoyed creating this tile. And I really enjoyed this vacation with my family. More details, including links, to be shared later! Right now I am wiped out and it is time to sleep!


  1. Sounds like this is a great vacation. I like your tile, along with how you came to create it.
    The highlights on your crescent moons really make them stand shine!

  2. The sine is fantastic in your crescent moon!

  3. I like your tile and like the way you created your string. Your dinners sound yummy.

  4. Beautiful tile! Sounds like a wonderful vacation and start to the summer season.