Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Eccentric ZEWM & VING

This week's Diva Challenge (# 74) is entitled "String Theory v. X: Eccentric Circles".
Here's the prompt she gave us: "For this challenge - draw a string of eccentric circles ... and get a-tanglin'."

She also let us know that, "according to wikipedia the definition of eccentric is:
Adjective. eccentric (comparative more eccentric, superlative most eccentric): not at or in the centre...not perfectly eccentric or elliptical orbit having a different center." (I modified the formatting a bit to take up fewer lines, as this is going to be a long post!)

She encouraged us to start with a drop shape and draw cirle-esque shapes radiating our around it. Lots of room for interpretation, though she did provide us with two great examples. Thank you, Laura! I love this challenge prompt!

"Eccentric Vergecho" is the title of my first effort to meet the challenge. (The "g" in "Vergecho" is a soft "g", like a "j" case you were wondering! And the "ch" is a hard "c" sound like a "k", as in the word "echo.") I decided to utilize only two tangles, and that they, despite the roundedness of the string, would be tangles that are composed of straightish lines. One tangle uses straight-ish lines that converge and the other utilizes straight-ish lines that echo the contrasting segment directions of a zigzag. VING and ZEWM.

If you have read my archived entries, you might remember "Ving"--a tangle that appeared in my non-dominant hand tile. It just showed up there, and I asked if anyone else could identify it. It's a little like Munchin, but is not so random. And it's a little like Sanibelle by Tricia Faraone, CZT, though Sanibelle is gloriously organic, and this tangle is more geometric...yet despite its geometric base, it conjures up seashell and plant structures. In a post entitled "Diamond Dance" I decided that I would name it "Ving" and provide step-outs. It's taken me a few months, but better late than never. Here they are:

And here is a little selection of ways I have played with Ving:
A few little Ving-balls and Ving-tiles I came up with today...
it was so fun I decided that I simply must draw up those
step-outs for Ving and share it with you!
I have also created step-outs for another tangle that I have never seen named. I have seen this tangle in other people's work, but have NEVER seen it identified! It is similar to Shattuck (an official Zentangle tangle, click here for directions by Sandy Steen Bartholomew)...but has a different personality. It doesn't feature the double lines that divide Shattuck into sections, though it could. This tangle works great as a border or in any long, narrow space. I struggled to come up with an appropriate name...and settled on Zewm. It does come together pretty quickly! But I didn't want a name with "O"s in it (zoom), as it is a straight line tangle. So I took a long hard look at all the letters that are formed with straight lines and selected "E," "M," "W," and "Z" because they utilized zigzags... and, in the case of the "E", parallel and perpendicular lines. Just like the tangle.

I really hope I have not missed anyone else's publication of a name and/or step outs! I know I didn't "invent" this pattern...but since I love to use it, and I know others do too, I thought it needed its own identity.

Here it is in a Valentine ATC I created for a swap in 2011:

Well, that's about all for today! I never finished the post I started last week...and I still haven't written up more details on my fabulous family vacation...or revealed how my son became a Greek god this spring...or mentioned the fun I had presenting Zentangle to Fine Arts Blount, an art guild in Maryville, TN last week...So much to blog about! So come back and visit me again!


  1. You are on a roll! Your challenge tile is nifty and thanks for the step outs. I look forward to trying these cool tangles!

  2. The two tangle response to the eccentric circle is so fantastically done! Thanks for the pattern instructions and the fun blog post!

  3. All delightful! Can you post the tangles in higher resolution so we can drag, drop, open and print? :)

  4. great post! i love your new patterns - thank you for sharing them with us! your drawing is awesome!

  5. Thank you all!
    Margaret, I am not sure what I need to do to post at a higher res...I scanned my sketchbook pages, and then added them to the blog. I know they look small in the blog entry, but when I click on them, they pop up larger. I have been able to copy them and post them in a Word document at what seems to me like a high resolution.
    If there is a way I could improve the output, I am happy to do that, but might need some coaching.

    To be honest, I am not 100% happy with my step-outs, and would like to polish them up a bit...I might re-do them when I get a chance. But in the meanwhile, there they are. :-) If I waited until they were "perfect," I might never get them done! I've come to realize it's more important to share, as I so deeply appreciate what others have shared. And does it bother me if what others have shared is not "perfect"? Of course not!

  6. Amy - just found your blog through TanglePatterns (which I subscribe to) Great work.
    I have gone back toyour previous post to the first of the year, and had to comment on the work done with the glass pens. Someone gave me a set about two years ago on my birthday, and I have never tried them. But I will now! thanks for the input. I have a daughter who lives in Louisvile (suburb of Knoxville) and was there a few weeks ago for her 50th wedding anniversary. Yes, I am OLD - 92 this year in March, and I have become totally addicted to Zentangles, and now I know what to call my art. ZIA - since I do use a compass sometimes and other found objects. I don't always use the official patterns, but make some up as I go.
    Some come about because I made a boo-boo on the one I was trying to do.
    Sarah Stainback

    1. I love the dimensionality of your tangles--particularly the depth you achieved on your Valentine ATC--beautiful! I know im going to enjoy playing with both tangles and their variations. Thank you, so much!

  7. Love the tangles, your instructions, and the way you wrote about them. I know I'm going to have fun with these! Thanks so much.

  8. Hi Amy, thank you so much for your sweet comments on my blog! Glad to see how Orbs-la Dee made you sing (and tangle?). I must have missed this great post about Zewm and Ving.... Gonna add a link to it immediately!

    1. Glad you stopped by and enjoyed this post, Anneke!