Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fiore di Pietro

Last week I the linework for the Diva's 77th challenge: Fiore di Pietro, a beautiful new tangle created by Rho Densmore in memory of her brother-in-law. It was a work-in-progress at that time, but I have added shading and it is now complete.

Fiore di Pietro, Pweeko, Ving, and Tipple.
Rho, please feel free to use this in the tangle book you are creating for your family.

To see it side-by-side with the unshaded version, click here.

Note to the Diva: Please don't put this in the slideshow
unless I have removed this message from the caption!
Here's another tile I have started using Fiore di Pietro and an olive green 05 Micron, which produces a bolder line than the 01 that I usually use. It's completely different from the first one I did. I don't love it, and I certainly don't think that the linework is complete. It evolved from a series of efforts to compensate for marks that I put in the wrong place. I am still contemplating how I want to finish it. I'd love to transform it in a way that makes me really excited about it. So, I am posting this in the spirit of celebrating process over product, and to make good on what I said I'd be doing in my next few posts: sharing tiles in the "Cool WiP" category.

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