Saturday, July 26, 2014

Truffle II

Here's another truffle tile. Please excuse the poor lighting of my iPhone photo!

First photo, taken in London...
This was taken in our dim hotel
room as we were packing up
our final night.
What a difference a scanner makes!
I still haven't added shading, however.

I still need to shade it...will update the post when I do. 

I'll have plenty more to share soon, but for now I am still functioning with the tiny keyboard (and screen), and limited ability to edit anything.

But it's all good. More soon!
Happy tangling! And a heartfelt THANK YOU! to all who have tried truffle and contributed to this week's challenge! I am so proud of my Caroline and am thrilled that she had the opportunity to share truffle and present a challenge as a guest post writer. :-)


I now have access to a real keyboard and screen and scanner, for we are now home from our MARVELOUS trip to Great Britain!!! I hate to post our travel plans before they happen, or while we are actually gone. It's a security thing; I just don't think it's wise to share with the whole world that our home is unoccupied for a period. It was a bit awkward that the week that Caroline's challenge was posted just happened to be the one week that our family was abroad...thousands of miles from home! But still, it was WONDERFUL checking in to the challenge whenever we had wifi, peeking in on what everyone was doing with truffle.

Check out my "Homeward Bound" post to see two more tiles I tangled while I was away . . . but barely, as I tangled them during our layover in the Newark airport, before the final flight of our vacation.

(Updated Saturday, August 2, 2014.)


  1. I love the ends of the truffle reaching out. You have one wonderful Daughter, and I for one had a great time with her tangle! As a Middle School art teacher teaching Zentangle to kids I love what she is accomplishing! Go Caroline!

  2. I like this variation of Truffle a lot.

  3. Like how Truffle weaves across the tile.